Start/Stop and BlueMotion Technologies


A wide variety of Volkswagen passenger cars are equipped with Start/Stop technology, which is referred to in price lists as ‘S/S’. Start/Stop technology helps Volkswagen customers to save money on fuel and to cut down on CO? emissions.

The technology works in two ways. The first is the incorporation of specific technology within Volkswagens that reduces the emissions from the engine. The second is to offer advice to the driver while they are behind the wheel to help their driving style become more fuel efficient.

Start/Stop technology saves fuel by automatically switching off the engine when the car isn’t in motion. Brake energy recuperation makes use of the energy that’s usually lost when you apply the brakes. Turbocharged engines deliver more power when you need it and use less fuel when you don’t. Low rolling resistance tyres reduce the friction between the tyre and the road, which means it takes less energy – and less fuel – to go further.

BlueMotion models

An extension of Start/Stop technology is Volkswagen’s range of BlueMotion models. These are models that are designed to be as fuel efficient as possible, and often have exterior styling cues that mark them out as pure BlueMotion derivatives.

The BlueMotion models have adjusted aerodynamics, which are focused on reducing drag. Drag builds up as a car gains speed, and means the engine has to work harder to move through the air. Streamlined aerodynamics mean the engine uses less energy.

A pure BlueMotion trim is offered on the following models:

Passat BlueMotion                    95 CO? emission, g/km

Passat Estate BlueMotion        96 CO? emission, g/km

Technical information correct as of January 2018



Four-cylinder engine shut-off system

Four-cylinder engine shut-off system

Description: Four-cylinder engine shut-off system
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