touareg ' what you need to know

Apr 1, 2003

The Touareg is a sophisticated vehicle with numerous features and innovations. Some of these might not be immediately apparent on first acquaintance, but may nonetheless be of interest to you.  In order to assist you, we have highlighted some that you may otherwise miss:

·        Footwell illumination stays on while driving for improved cabin ambience.  Can be programmed for intensity from zero to 100 per cent

·        Mirrors fold in electrically by rotating the knob on centre console

·        Tailgate has separate opening glass section.  Pull button under wiper spindle to open

·        All models have a multifunction steering wheel.  To access trip computer, press button above thumbwheel at the bottom right of the wheel, and roll thumbwheel to change display.  Thumbwheel is also used for programming numerous other functions, including, for example, radio station selection, clock, settings etc

·        Tiptronic automatic transmission can be manually controlled by optional steering column-mounted paddle levers.  Pull the left hand one towards you to change down a ratio, and the right to change up.  Where there is a risk of stalling or damaging the engine at either extreme of the engine speed range, the system will automatically change back to ‘D’ mode

·        The doors feature a triple seal system, enabling the Touareg to ford depths of 580 mm without water entering the vehicle.  These seals also reduce noise levels

·        The engine is partially encapsulated, further enhancing refinement

·        Where fitted, the damping regulator switch on the centre console alters the rate of damping.  ‘Auto’ is a middle setting that offers comfort in normal driving, but adjusts automatically to a hard damper setting when using a sportier driving style.  ‘Sport’ setting creates a constant firmer damper setting, while ‘Comfort’ results in a softer setting

·        Optical and audible parking sensors, fitted as standard to V10 TDI

·        Storage drawer under driver’s seat

·        Keyless entry and starting on V10 TDI models (optional on rest of range).  While key is in very close proximity to vehicle, door will automatically unlock when hand is placed between handle and door.  The car can then be started by a push-button on the centre console without inserting key into ignition