Sep 26, 2019

  • Traditional event will take place as a climate-friendly version; only vehicles with alternative drive systems are permitted to participate
  • All charged up: in Italy the new e-up!1 will prove its suitability for everyday use on the Brescia-Mailand-Lainate route
  • A fascination with e-mobility, past and present: two electrified Beetles will also take part in a separate classic car classification

Wolfsburg (Germany) – The Mille Miglia is without doubt one of the most legendary classic car rallies worldwide. The “Mille Miglia Green” is a completely new event that borrows the original idea of long-distance racing – but only electric and hybrid vehicles are permitted to compete. The first edition of the competition starts next weekend (27–29 September). Just like the traditional event for classic models, it starts in Brescia – and the new e-up! with increased range will be taking part, as well as two electrified e-Beetles2.

Mobility and sustainability are at the heart of the “Mille Miglia Green”. On the daily stages, each a maximum of 180 kilometres, the electric vehicles will prove their full capacity – including over some areas of demanding terrain. Volkswagen is sending the new e-up! to race the “Mille Miglia Green”. It was only presented to the public around a week ago, at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. Its new battery system (now with 32.3 kWh, usable net capacity) extends this vehicle’s range to 260 kilometres. The consumption of the 61 kW / 83 PS e-up! is 12.7 kWh/100 km (in accordance with NEDC), meaning that this almost-silent city specialist is tailored to virtually any urban daily distance. Battery charging times are also short: it takes just 60 minutes to charge the battery to 80% of its capacity using DC (direct current) charging at 40 kW.

Cars are approved in several categories for the Mille Miglia Green: Pure electric vehicles (fuel cell electric vehicles and EV/BEV), hybrids (PHEV, full/mild hybrid etc) and classic cars built up to 1990, either electric or retrofitted with an electric drive system. The two e-Beetles – electrified Volkswagen classics – will be taking part in the competition, and could become a crowd favourite in Italy. Just like the new e- up!, the e-Beetle also has an electric drivetrain with a single-speed gearbox and a battery system based on the new e-up! The higher output and increased weight that result from electrification requirements necessitate adaptation and reinforcement of the chassis and running gear. Despite a new total weight of 1,280 kg, the electrified Beetle accelerates to 80 km/h in a good eight seconds. This vehicle is capable of 150 km/h top speed.

Participants need to be ready to face around 250 kilometres across the three days of the “Mille Miglia Green”, with the first stage starting in Brescia on Friday evening, before the tour continues in the direction of Milan on Saturday. The route passes a few impressive locations along the road between Brescia and the capital city of Lombardy. On Sunday, the third and final stage takes participants toward Lainate.

1)e-up (61 kW/83 PS) single-speed automatic gearbox, combined power consumption:

12.7 kWh/100 km and CO₂ emissions combined: 0 g/km, efficiency class: A+

2)e-Beetle: near-production concept car

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