volkswagen names luxury model at dresden factory opening

Dec 12, 2001

Volkswagen’s new luxury sector model, code-named Project D1, is to be called Phaeton.  The name was announced at the opening ceremony of the factory where it will be built in Dresden.

The factory itself is unique, being made of glass and metal, and almost completely transparent.  Volkswagen has invested around 365 million DM in the transparent factory, and when production is fully under way, just over 800 people will be employed to produce up to 150 cars per day.

With its origins in Greek mythology, the word Phaeton was used at the start of the last century to describe a motor vehicle bodyshape.  In this way, it takes a theme from the past and projects it into the future of the modern car.

The Phaeton marks Volkswagen’s first venture into the luxury car market.  Displayed in concept form at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1999, official pictures of the production car were revealed in October this year.  The new saloon will make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2002.




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