Chinese Factories

Two joint ventures, SAIC VOLKSWAGEN AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY LIMITED (SAIC VOLKSWAGEN) and First Automotive Works-Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. (FAW-VW), produce Volkswagen Group brand models, including Volkswagen, Audi and ŠKODA passenger cars, in China, for the Chinese market. Engines, transmissions, chassis components and seat systems are also produced in China. 

The Volkswagen Group is strategically positioned in China with a total of 20 production locations. In 2015, Volkswagen China opened a vehicle plant in Changsha and a new engine plant in Changchun. Two more vehicle plants, located in Qingdao and Tianjin, will be start their production in 2018. 

The Volkswagen Group is among the most successful companies in the Chinese automobile industry. By 2019, the workforce is to increase to 120,000 people. Annual production capacity is set to grow from the 2016 figure of about 3.9 million to almost 5 million units based on 250 working days per annum in 2020. 

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