Geraldine Ingham

Head of Marketing, Volkswagen Passenger Cars

Geraldine Ingham was appointed to the role of Head of Marketing on 5 June 2017. 

Geraldine developed a wealth of experience at the Nissan Renault Alliance, where she had worked for 20 years, and brought her extensive knowledge of marketing, product development and management, planning and working with networks to Volkswagen. 

Prior to joining Volkswagen, Geraldine was Marketing Director at Nissan France. Her responsibilities included the development and implementation of a new car sharing pilot scheme in Paris, and establishing an innovative approach to the launch of new cars and products. 

Geraldine said: “I’m excited by the challenge of working at Volkswagen. This is a company investing in new technologies – a company looking toward the future and the opportunities ahead. I’m enthusiastic to be a part of that.” 

Alison Jones, Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said: “Geraldine brings a strength of skill set, not only in the core skills of marketing and product development and positioning, but also as a member of the senior management team, due to her breadth of knowledge. She has a results-driven and positive approach, and demonstrates an energy and drive in delivering a new future and transformational projects.” 

Geraldine replaced Rod McLeod, who moved to a position elsewhere in the Volkswagen Group.